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Mountainous Region

Spirit Readings

A Spirit reading is about connecting with loved ones who have passed, Spirit guides or others who reside in the Spirit realm. This type of connection is about receiving messages from your passed loved ones and Spirit guides. 

What's included...

These readings are held virtually via Zoom and last approximately 30-45mins. The reading is recorded and will be emailed to you after they have concluded. Sometimes information that comes through is not immediately recognized and this allows you to go back to review what was shared.

Energy exchange: $33 

What's next...

  • Once you have decided you'd like a reading, please contact me via email so that we can connect.

  • I will email you some information about the readings and what they entail. 

  • After you have reviewed the information and signed your commitment to our connection, you will email it back with your payment for the reading. 

  • When I have received your email and payment I will schedule your reading. At this time, I will also request a picture of you so I can connect with your energy before the reading.  


Crystal Mannila

I'm a recently certified medium who is working with Spirit to help those in need of connecting with their passed loved ones or Spirit guides. Though I have only recently started my mediumship journey, I've been connecting with Spirit for the last two years. This connection has provided me with great guidance in my life and facilitated my own healing. 

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